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Filing Chapter 7 in Tucson
& Southern Arizona

Most bankruptcy files are Chapter 7. It’s a quick and effective financial tool that allows families to get a “fresh start” and eliminate credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, broken leases, & other unsecured debts. No, you will not lose your home or car. Use the free consult to make sure your bankruptcy is the correct option.

Chapter 7 Tucson Bankruptcy

Tucson families and business debtors may be eligible for Chapter 7 debt relief, otherwise known as a “liquidation” proceeding.  The bankruptcy is commenced with the filing of a bankruptcy petition.  A case trustee is appointed to administer the proceeding. ..

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The means test is a two-part test that is used to determine income eligibility for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your household income for the past six months is less than the median family income for a household of your size in Arizona, then you can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy…

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The bankruptcy code requires an individual with debts that are secured by property of the estate, such as a car or home, to file a “statement of intentions” with respect to…

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Upon filing a bankruptcy petition, the bankruptcy code requires that the debtor(s) be examined under oath regarding the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of the petition, statements…

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A consumer debtor can file a personal bankruptcy even if engaged in business.  However, the bankruptcy process becomes complex and there are certain inherent risks involved.  Any business debtor that is contemplating a chapter 7…

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In Arizona, all property acquired by husband or wife during the marriage is presumed “community property” unless a spouse acquired the property via a gift, inheritance, or owned the property prior to entering the marriage…

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The bankruptcy code accommodates Arizona’s community property structure with a discharge that protects both the filing debtor and the marital community.  (See § 524(a)(3))…

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A bankruptcy “discharge of debt” is legal terminology for “eliminating or forgiving debt.”

According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, “A bankruptcy discharge releases the debtor from personal liability for certain specified types of debts…

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A Simple Process. Eliminate the Debt and Re-Establish the credit

Chapter 7 Costs to File Bankruptcy. The cost to file bankruptcy includes the court filing fee ($338), credit reports ($35 per debtor), and an online counseling class ($15).

Attorney Fees. Our firm offers post-filing payment plans of $100 – 125 per month, with the lowest average chapter 7 fee in Tucson.

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Consolidating Bills and Protect your Home and Car.

Filing Chapter 13 in Tucson
& Southern Arizona

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best debt consolidation loan available. Most families simply do not know it exists. It can reduce car payments, car payoffs, interest on auto loans, save homes from foreclosure, and provide streamline home loan modifications.

All while eliminated unsecured debt. That said, Chapter 13’s are complicated & you need a very experienced attorney, i.e. Matt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Tucson

The initial bankruptcy process is similar to that discussed in our Chapter 7 review (see Chapter 7 Overview).  The case is commenced upon filing a petition, consisting of various financial schedules that disclose…

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Chapter 13 offers individuals a number of advantages over liquidation under Chapter 7. Perhaps most significantly, Chapter 13 offers individuals an opportunity to save their homes from foreclosure…

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Every year while in bankruptcy, a chapter 13 debtor must provide the trustee a copy of their tax returns. Within 14 days of filing the state and federal return, the debtor must send a copy of each to Dianne Kern’s office..

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First, thank you for using our office. You’re in great hands. A chapter 13 plan is typically 3 to 5 years with some exceptions. Most cases are 5 years for the purposes of keeping payments as low as possible. A debtor in a chapter 13 bankruptcy…

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Easy.  You will not lose your home by filing bankruptcy.  In Arizona, a family can file bankruptcy and protect their home and it’s equity up to $150,000.  Most homes have limited or small amounts of equity and a homeowner merely needs to remain…

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A loan modification can restructure your mortgage by changing the terms and conditions of your loan. Both your principal balance and your interest rate may be reduced. We can help you explore several types of loan modification plans to avoid default…

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Discharging a student loan in bankruptcy is an incredibly high burden for a debtor to meet. The three-part analysis for an Arizona bankruptcy court to discharge a student loan debt requires a showing that…

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Chapter 7 Costs to File Bankruptcy. The cost to file bankruptcy includes the court filing fee ($338), credit reports ($35 per debtor), and an online counseling class ($15).

Attorney Fees. Our firm offers post-filing payment plans of $100 – 125 per month, with the lowest average chapter 7 fee in Tucson.

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Attorney Matthew Foley concentrates his practice as a Tucson Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Attorney. The practice is built on helping clients resolve debt issues and quickly rebuild their credit. Alll clients work directly with Matthew.


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