Pedestrian Accident Cases in
Tucson and Southern Arizona

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately too common, whether near the concentrated foot traffic of the University of Arizona campus, or throughout Tucson with the abundance of bus travel and walking to and from destinations.  We help pedestrians with accidents ranging from soft tissue damage and broken bones to severe cases of brain and back injury to wrongful death.  We help clients navigate the burdensome paperwork of initiating a claim with an insurance provider and work closely with a Tucson medical team to assist with understanding and advocating a claim.

How the Process Works in Arizona

The case initiates on knowing the level of negligence and liability of the defending party.  There are specific criteria to determine liability, which can be offset by comparative negligence.  Our cases start here with the initial evaluation and quickly build out.  Once retained, our firm works quickly to retrieve police reports, interview witnesses, and build a record database for reports and medical documents.  The initial work is paramount to creating a solid pedestrian accident case.

The damages in a pedestrian accident case can include exorbitant medical expenses, loss of wages, creating an unforeseen ripple in your health and family.  Wrongful death accidents and other severe cases can create a permanent loss of income, funeral expenses, and complicate overall financial well being throughout the grieving process.  With a good attorney, a pedestrian can recover for current and ongoing medical expenses, receive compensation for emotional and psychological distress, and recover for loss of wages, pain and suffering.

Hiring an Attorney for Pedestrian Accident Cases

Attempting to assess liability, recover applicable insurance policies, and assess the valuation of the claim is tremendously complex.  Actually litigating a case to recover the appropriate award can be even more difficult.  This type of case requires a devoted legal team with invaluable experience.  We are very comfortable taking these cases, so please do not hesitate to contact our office.  There are no upfront legal fees and we can help clients to secure medical treatment as well.

Understanding Attorney Fees for Pedestrian Cases

There are no upfront attorney fees.  We work on a “contingency fee basis”, which means we collect our fee as a percentage of the settlement if we win the case.  Most, if not all, personal injury firms handle these types of cases on a contingency fee basis.  Uniquely, we offer a client guarantee that our fee will be discounted if necessary to ensure our firm never receives funds disproportionate to our client’s recovery.