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Stopping a Foreclosure in Tucson!

Filing for bankruptcy can actually stop the foreclosure process. Regardless of the chapter that you file under, you can have an automatic stay placed on your account and protect your home from being repossessed by the bank.

Save Your Home, Consult with a Tucson Attorney

If you are unable to pay back your mortgage and are falling behind on payments, it is important that you consult an attorney from the Law Offices of Matthew T. Foley, PLC. At our firm, we are committed to providing clients with outstanding representation for their bankruptcy cases. We know that you may be facing a tight financial situation and we want to assist you in getting the most from your case. If your home is being foreclosed or you are danger of the foreclosure process starting, do not hesitate to retain the representation of a trusted Tucson bankruptcy attorney from the experienced team at the Law Offices of Matthew T. Foley, PLC right away.

It is often impossible to negotiate with a lender about your mortgage payments. Lenders are often unwilling to work with homeowners to lower the amount of monthly dues. There is a solution to your problem, though. By working with the Law Offices of Matthew T. Foley, PLC to file for bankruptcy, you can force lenders to cooperate and accommodate your needs. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can allow debtors to stay in their homes for months, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can save a home and actually eliminate a second mortgage. Your specific needs may vary, but the trusted team at our firm can help you determine which course of action may be right for you and your situation.

After you file for bankruptcy, regardless of the chapter that you choose to file under, you will have an automatic stay placed on your accounts. An automatic stay is an order for relief and will stop all collection attempts immediately. This means that the foreclosure process will halt, all wage garnishments will cease, and harassing creditor calls will be forced to stop as well. Bankruptcy can help you and your family remain in your home while you consider all options to become debt free. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is important that you contact an attorney from our firm as soon as possible and retain experienced representation for your case.

Filing for Bankruptcy

At our firm, we are proud to have helped countless clients achieve the most out of their bankruptcy cases. With the representation of the Law Offices of Matthew T. Foley, PLC, you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands. We are committed to providing personalized service to Tucson-area residents and pride ourselves on being extremely organized in preparing and filing cases. The Law Offices of Matthew T. Foley, PLC has filed more than 4,000 bankruptcies and assisted individuals and families throughout the bankruptcy process. If you have questions or concerns regarding your particular situation, do not hesitate to contact our firm today and speak with a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer now!

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