Motorcycle Accident Cases In
Tucson and Southern Arizona

Motorcycle accidents are often much more severe than car accidents.  These accidents do not have the protection of seat belts, airbags, as well as the physical structure of the vehicle, and the resulting bodily damage often includes head injuries, broken bones, lost limbs, severe skin damage, and spinal cord damage.  This type of injury almost always requires an attorney to handle the claim with the insurance company and with the medical liens resulting from the treatment.

In a motorcycle accident, the case is typically focused on medical care and negotiating the medical liens through the settlement process.  In Tucson, hospital medical liens are often handled by local attorneys that can be difficult to negotiate with, especially without counsel.

Liability in these cases is most frequently assigned to the other vehicle, especially with left-hand turns (a vehicle making a left turn is almost always liable to a motorcyclist traveling straight in the opposite direction), blind lane merges, reckless driving and distracted driving, and unfortunately, intoxicated driving.  In Arizona, there is no helmet law, unless the rider is under the age of 18.  That said, a motorcyclist must have protective eyewear, unless the bike is equipped with a protective windshield.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson

Handling a motorcycle accident is similar to an automobile accident, however, the damages are often much greater and the medical treatment is more complex.  In addition, the resulting paperwork is tremendously burdensome.  These types of cases almost always require experienced legal representation to assist the injured rider reach a fair outcome.  We have experience handling these cases, which have resulted in some of our best settlements.

Clients We Help in Tucson & Southern Arizona With Motorcycle Accidents

As mentioned on our other pages, most of our clients are referrals and we are incredibly grateful to the thousands of families in Arizona that have relied on our counsel.  Our clients trust us and our fee structure.  Our firm does not charge any upfront attorney fees.  Rather, we work on a “contingency fee basis.”  This means we collect our fee as a percentage of the resulting award.  This is common, whereby most personal injury firms provide a contingency fee basis fee structure.  What sets us apart is that we provide clients with a guarantee that our fee will never exceed our client’s net award (which is the settlement minus medical costs).