Tucson's #1 Filing Attorney 2013 to Present



The simplest cases to the most complex cases, we’ve done them all for more than a decade. More than 10,000 successful cases. We offer the lowest flat fee & payment plan post-filing

Mattew Foley

Tucson’s Number Top Filing Bankruptcy Attorney. Since 2013 to present, no other local attorney has filed as many successful cases as Matt Foley, while being the top reviewed and referred debt attorney in Southern Arizona. To date, Matt has successfully filed more than 10,000 . In addition,  we offer the lowest average fee with a payment plan.

Homero Torralba

A True Tucson Native.  Homero Torralba handles the firms personal injury cases and complex litigation and is actively involved in the Tucson community.  Few attorneys have the trial experience and reputation, and successful verdicts that accompany his practice. He has successfully tried and settled cases with awards exceeding $25 million. 

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