Credit Assistance Post-Bankruptcy

Help Getting Your Score Back to 720+ Within a Year.

As a “thank you” to the wonderful clients that chose our office, we have covered the expense to enroll into a 720 Credit Program.  We strongly encourage clients to enroll in the class.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  And It’s very helpful.  It’s basically a quick roadmap to getting your credit re-established post-bankruptcy. 

Reestablishing your credit post-bankruptcy consists of 1) fixing any errors and 2) reestablishing new debt.  Let the class assist with learning the general concepts (should take about 30 minutes).  With respect to errors and inaccurate reporting, our office provides Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) legal assistance with no cost.  Again, this is a courtesy to our past, present, and future clients.  We sincerely appreciate our clients and their reviews and referrals.

Finally, and most important, filing bankruptcy is the first step to improving your credit.  Please take the quick next steps!

The Chapter 13 Plan

The FCRA governs the collection and reporting of consumer information.  For our purposes, it also provides methods for disputes and remedies for continued inaccurate reporting.  We can assist with recognizing inaccuracies, disputing errors, and filing FCRA claims with no costs.  If our office succeeds, clients will be provided payment for damages and our fees are covered as well. 

Typical mistakes post-bankruptcy include failure to report debts as discharged, showing outstanding balances post-bankruptcy, reporting discharged debts as late.  Outside of bankruptcy , there often exists mistakes including mixing credit profiles, inaccurate personal information, privacy violations, impermissible credit furnishing, etc.  Finally, there is liability on creditors that fail to follow dispute procedures.