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"An EXEMPLARY Attorney! Dedicated, Caring, Knowledgeable, Experienced. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!"


Mr. Foley and his staff far exceeded my expectations! No words can adequately express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional support I received throughout what was surprisingly a very positive, stress-free, and smooth process. I highly, highly recommend Matthew T. Foley!



September 14, 2016

"Your Excellent Choice!"


Matt and his team rock !!!!!!!!
They took the stress and worries out of the whole process and made it smooth and stress free. He and his staff are caring, knowledgeable, very organized, honest and affordable. They responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had.

I would highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone who needs a bankruptcy...... Thank you so much

July 13, 2017

"Caught in a Bind”


I was in a real bind and not knowing the law, I contacted the best reviewed bankruptcy lawyer in town. After the consultation I left feeling better about my situation with a much better understanding of the law. The man knows his stuff and is very knowledgeable. I hired him and he did an amazing job. I literally did nothing but answer questions in an honest manor. The staff is a collection of incredible people, who are kind and very nice and understanding towards your situation. Thank you so so much for everything and would recommend the heck out of this gentlemen. Awesome experience.

March 6, 2017

"Truly Awesome"


Matt and his team rock!!! They took the stress and worries out of the whole process and made it smooth and stress free. He and his staff are caring, knowledgeable, very organized, honest and affordable. They responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone who needs a bankruptcy or debt settlement attorney.

October 21, 2016

"Brinda ayuda honesta"

Le agradezco a usted y a su equipo de professionales por el apoyo, la guia, comprension y toda la asistencia brindada al lo largo del proceso. Siempre estuvieron ahi para ayudarme, para responder mis preguntas. Gracias al buen trabajo que hicieron pude no unicamente liberarme de mis deudas pero tambien mejoro mi salud, mi bienestar y el de mi familia. No tengo con que pagarle todo lo que hizo por mi. Muchas gracias por todo. Dios lo bendiga a usted y a su equipo y continuen ayudando a nuestra comunidad hispana como hasta ahora... con honestidad y respecto.


August 11, 2017



Mr. Foley handled my chapter 7. After my first meeting with him I instantly felt better about the whole thing. I was stressed about my finances and felt guilty for even considering a bankruptcy. I felt like a total failure. Mr. Foley was able to help me see that it was the right business decision and was also able to help me by pointing me to resources for a redemption loan on my vehicle. If you are considering a bankruptcy attorney, I would recommend you consult with Mr. Foley.

Client #1
July 18, 2017

"Very helpful even though not client (yet)”


Matthew represented us at a Trustee meeting when our Phoenix attorney could not be present. He was knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, when my existing attorney became "disengaged", we contacted Matt and he spent a lot of time helping us understand some issues we were having. He was supportive, helpful, and gave excellent advice even though we were not his clients. I highly recommend him and he will be my first call for any future legal issues.

May 23, 2017

"A saving grace!"


I was literally days away from having my paychecks garnished. Not knowing what to do anymore, I decided to look for an attorney and researched all around Tucson. I came across reviews of Matt's firm on multiple sites and saw he was the highest rated and most reviewed. I decided to go in for my consultation and I couldn't hire him quick enough. Halee was awesome in helping me as well. I submitted all of my paperwork in less than 24 hours and 3 days later, I filed. I was so sick to my stomach in the stress of the debts I had. I was quickly relieved. Matt made me feel comfortable and told me just to relax. I think we are all scared of the unknown and what lies behind Bankruptcy. But I cannot speak highly enough of the positive experience I had with Matt and his team. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.



April 27, 2017

"Matt is fearless and unflappable...”


Finding Matthew Foley and his team was like finding cool, clear water in the desert. After wading through several overworked, confused huckster attorneys in the bankruptcy area; finding Matt was like finding an angel. He was not put off by complexities in our case and he was always a calming, soothing commander in the midst of a difficult situation. He was a great strategist and his professionalism was amazing. He was incredibly patient to explain and reassure us of the best course of action. I have been exposed to many attorneys in my life but none have ever impressed me the way Matt Foley has. Even his staff, Halee, Alysha and Austin maintain extraordinary standards of professionalism while always supporting Matt in his mission: to serve and reassure the fiscally challenged throngs that enter through Matt's door hoping for knowledge and assistance. I would give Matthew Foley the highest possible recommendation as the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Arizona. Five Stars are not enough to capture what he does for the people of Tucson, Arizona. I would also recommend him for any position that requires competence, calm professionalism and uncanny skills, knowledge and competency. Matt is fearless and unflappable. Thanks again, Matt!


December 12, 2016

"Excellent choice for bankruptcy"


Matt helped get us a chapter 7 bankruptcy in a quick and professional manner. He explained the process step by step and allowed us from feeling overwhelmed to relieved. He stopped the garnishments from continuing and I even got my garnishment checks back. if I ever needed more help in the future, I would go back to him and recommend him to anyone that needs help with debt.


May 25, 2017

Common Debt Mistakes

1. Continuing to Make Minimum Payments

Many families struggle to make minimum payments on debt, even if they cannot afford to repay the entire debt.  Eventually, clients are forced to stop paying, either because their savings (and retirement accounts) are gone, or because of a reduction in monthly income.  The mistake with continuing to make minimum payments is that it only focuses on the present, versus future. This is the most common mistake.

There comes a point where clients should do a self-evaluation of whether repaying the debt is financially reasonable.  All clients want to repay their obligations.  However, there simply comes a point in time where families cannot repay their debt.  This realization is critical.

With each month of minimum payments, households continue to “throw good money after bad” (an idiom that candidly describes spending money on a losing proposition).  Tucson families should be doing a financial self-reflection if their general unsecured debt (such as credit cards) exceeds $8,000 – 10,000.  Consumers should not convince themselves that high debt amounts are “normal.”  Rather, high debt amounts are stressful and financially unhealthy.  The key is knowing how much debt is too much?


2. Settling Debt

Settling debt seems like a good idea.  If a credit card company is offering to satisfy a delinquent balance at half the outstanding balance, how is that not great?  The problem with settling a debt is that it could be equivalent to putting out a forest fire with a garden hose.  If a family has a few small debts, settling them might be the right debt relief option.  However, if a household has multiple debts, settling them is often much more expensive than bankruptcy.  In addition, settling debt can be more of a detriment to a consumer’s credit score, and in some instances, forgiven debt can trigger a tax consequence.

Before settling a debt, a consumer should meet with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss all of their options. Consumers should avoid debt management companies that offer debt settlement services.  These companies are not law firms and cannot offer bankruptcy services.  In fact, many of these companies dissuade families from filing bankruptcy by scaring them with false bankruptcy myths.  In addition, many debt management companies physically operate outside of Arizona, which makes it extremely difficult to get your money back from them.

A typical debt settlement candidate either makes too much money to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy or has significant “non-exempt” property that prevents them from filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Most other clients are better served by not settling debt.  The key is to look at the big picture, which includes a family’s reserves, exempt versus non-exempt property, amount of debt, type of debt, income level, as well as, tax considerations.  Obviously, this is a complex decision that requires legal insight.  Therefore, consumers are encouraged to take advantage of free bankruptcy consultations.  Most bankruptcy firms offer these case evaluations.


3. Do Nothing

Initially, “doing nothing” is the least costly mistake, as compared to making minimum payments or settling debt.  The problem with inaction is that it squanders time.  Years ago, failure to pay credit card debt only meant annoying collection letters coupled with harassing phone calls.  However, the debts eventually went away.

Today, failure to pay credit card debt can lead to lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bank account levies.  Most national credit card companies now have relationships with collection attorneys that service their collection portfolio.  In fact, Tucson has at least three large collection law firms that prosecute many of the credit card lawsuits filed in Arizona.

Upon being sued, many consumers eventually seek legal help.  Some call an attorney after they receive a summons, while others wait until their bank account balance disappears or until their pay check is missing 25% of their gross earnings.  The point is that if a consumer needs to file bankruptcy to get comprehensive debt relief, why wait until being sued?  Doing nothing only postpones the inevitable.  Ironically, the “inevitable” includes debt relief, restored credit, and peace of mind.

Exceptions to the Rule:

The mistakes listed above are general in nature, and in some instances, they are actually the correct path.  Sometimes it makes sense to continue to make minimum payments on credit card debt.  Some families have to wait to file bankruptcy and minimum payments will buy them time.  In some scenarios, settling a debt can be a great debt relief option.  Sometimes debt settlements are even mandatory to lower overall debt amounts for chapter 13 bankruptcy purposes.  Temporarily, doing nothing provides breathing room to save up enough money to hire a bankruptcy attorney.  Sometimes doing nothing works because an elderly client is otherwise “judgment proof.”  The underlying theme is that each situation is unique.

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