Brain Injury Cases in
Tucson and Southern Arizona

Traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”) can be their own category of personal injury.  Typically, a TBI occurs when there is a forceful blow to the skull, or a sudden jolt thereto.  This type of impact forces the brain to collide with the skull, which can cause brain tissue death, nerve fiber damage, bruising, swelling, and bleeding.  This same injury occurs with the penetration of an object, such as a bullet or shrapnel. The extent of the injury will depend on which zone of the brain was impacted by the force.

Symptoms of a brain injury can vary in severity to a slight headache, neck pain, sensitivity to light, nausea, fatigue, memory loss, dizziness to full-on concussion.  The greater the impact, the greater the symptoms.  In a severe case, an individual may lose consciousness, express slurred speech, and even go into convulsions.  The healing process happens predominately in the first six-months.  The severity of the injury is apparent in the recovery process after six-months, when the healing process slows.

Brain damage is severe.  There is little healing after two years and the permanent effects become real.  Damage to the brain is irreversible and there is no cure or treatment.  Depending on the area of the brain damaged, the long-term effects can include an inability to breathe, permanent impaired speech, memory loss, etc.

The two common brain injuries are concussions and contusions.  As made famous in the NFL, a brain concussion is when the brain is suddenly slammed against the skull due to a force or jolt.  These tend to effect a larger area of the brain.  A contusion is more of a bruising of a localized area, which can also be life threatening.  Personal injury cases that involve the head jolting, or being struck against something create these TBI.  They are tremendously important to diagnose immediately.

After a severe automobile collision or other accident, any concern regarding the head impacting a hard surface or a sudden jolt warrants medical care.  We recommend our clients immediately visit an emergency room and be very specific in explaining to medical personnel the nature of the injury.

Understanding Attorney Fees with Brain Injury Cases

There are no upfront attorney fees.  We work on a “contingency fee basis”, which means we collect our fee as a percentage of the settlement if we win the case.  Most, if not all, personal injury firms handle these types of cases on a contingency fee basis.  Uniquely, we offer a client guarantee that our fee will be discounted if necessary to ensure our firm never receives funds disproportionate to our client’s recovery. Contact our office today for a consultation.